7 Celebrities Who Accidentally Became Famous

It’s hard to believe that Jason Statham used to be on Britain’s National Diving Squad, and Charlize Theron got noticed because of her quick temper. These 7 celebrities would have probably laughed if we had told them that they would be incredibly rich and famous. Nevertheless, here they are, with lots of fans and amazing stories to tell.



1. Charlize Theron

7 Celebrities Who Accidentally Became Famous



Once Charlize was trying to cash a check her mother had sent her, but a bank teller refused to do it since she had an issue with her citizenship. Charlize started arguing with the cashier, trying to convince him to give her the money.

The commotion caught the attention of John Crosby, a talent agent looking for future stars. He was impressed by the 19-year-old girl’s determination and gave her his business card. He even cashed the check for her himself.






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